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ABH Genesis Company Limited (ABHG) –  established as an advance Fractionation Technology factory with expertise in biomaterial vital substances extraction and isolation. ABHG is a derived corporate under Asia BioHealing Company Limited, which experienced specialist in multi-dimension on biomedical technology, and drug development from biomaterial or biosimilar, as well as engineering proficiency through ownership of patents, application, trade secrets, in biomaterial processing methods and machinery, such as the Subzero Extraction System, advance Supercritical Fluids Extraction (Co2), and Bioincubation System development for active ingredients which can fractionate essential elements from a wide range of biomaterial such as plants, herb and various living organisms.

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Effect for People Life

From enormous international studies and research, have shown splendid Cannabinoids – Cannabidiol (CBD) advantages not only recognized for their wide range of health benefits, nonetheless, there is also substantial scientific data supporting that when Cannabinoids work together with CB-1 and CB-2 in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that are presenting in all of our bodies, makes the body’s immune system function to be in a balanced state and helps the body repair itself within the deep cellular level, which is an important factor in good health and strength. As well as from researching result of products containing cannabinoids that are available and accepted in many developed countries, it shows a continuous consumption providing anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant, and effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and promote sleep. For external use, it can also helps promote rejuvenation, reduce skin wrinkles, reducing allergic reaction, and skin inflammation.

"More Than Extracts"

• Selected Raw Materials

• High Technology Extraction Techniques

• High cannabinoid purity

• Test, Test and Test

• Know formulation

• Accurate dosing

• Predictable Acting Speed

• High Consistency and Stability

• Flexible Application

• Longer Shelf-Life

ABHG Engineering Formula® technology – Designed and developed by ABH INNO-SCIENCE department to create, process, and improve specific essential extracts, stable, high consistency at high productivity rate, matched industrial needs. Tailor made format allow maximum flexibility for wide-range product application infusion. Ours technology also promoting longer shelf-life with superior bioavailability properties comparing to typical products. all these factors lead to our achievement to serve practical industrial production aspects. Breaking through the limitations of medicinal plant utilization, since traditional herbal products and extracts are inadequate consistency for global standards acceptance. Because medicinal plants cannot provide the same essential substance level in every plant, and different in active ingredient combination in every strains. Therefore, ABHG Engineered Formula emerged to eliminate these dilemmas, since our extracts are well designed and modified to suit the need ready-to-mix application.

Engineering Formula® CBD Extract

Engineer formula®: Oil Base

Engineer formula®: Ready to Mix Liquid Base

Engineer formula®: Ready to Mix Powder Base 


High Technology


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