Premium Quality Selection

At ABH Genesis, we meticulously serious on raw material selection. We collecting premium raw material from top outstanding contract farmers in Thailand who experienced years of excellency in closed-system Cannabis Indoor Cultivation (Plant Factory), high quality process and yield (Cannabinoids), under fully condition control system, from water, temperature, humidity, grow medium, and nutrients, complied with provision in ‘Zero Contaminant’ concept. All processes operate with high standards and certified with the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) The final product required scientific analyse and test by international ISO:17025 (Cannabis) laboratory. These allow us to ensure that only highest quality raw material will be processing in our facilities which in return providing ‘safest’ extracts suitable for industrial and medical use, ranges from supplements, cosmetic, to all kinds of food and beverage.

Amber Farm Co., Ltd.

Amber farm


Amber Farm, Thailand, advances the ASEAN’s perception of cannabis by focusing on research, innovative cultivation, product development, and innovative production capabilities

– all presented through relevant projects.

R.C. Canna Growth

R.C. Canna Growth

Producer (planting) hemp farm, focusing on high CBD value, 100% closed system (INDOOR), no residue, medical grade, Maha Sarakham Province

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